Edith Minturn Sedgwick and Robert Allen Zimmerman - "And she aches just like a woman -- but she breaks just like a little girl."

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anywherebutbackwards asked:

can I ask what exactly the deal was with bob and edie? because she and many others said they had some kind of ~thing, but the only quote from bob I've ever heard on her is that he didn't really know her well or something... I can't remember.:S

She breaks just like a little girl. answered:

Though there are a lot of fairytales floating around (many of which I choose to believe, because I can) the solid facts are that they both lived in the Chelsea at the same time, and swung in overlapping circles, so it is beyond reasonable to say that they did meet. Bob Neuwirth spoke of walking around the city streets with the two of them at night around Christmastime. Aside from that, due to Bobby D’s staunch privacy and Edie’s mercurial love life, it’s hard to say. Edie and Neuwirth were in an extended relationship for a while, though, and Neuwirth was quite close with Dylan. 

I’m also gonna take this opportunity to say how much I like your blog again. 

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lovelyediesedgwick asked:

your blog is beautiful i love bob and edie both <3 i love how you have a separate link for edie with dark hair because secretly like the way she looks with her natural brown hair the best <3

She breaks just like a little girl. answered:

Thank you so much.  I love how she looks darkhaired as well as blonde, and I have this transfixion with the fact that she both started and ended her life brunette, and I really appreciate that you like it too. x

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